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You need my plasma more than I do

Urgh. Ken and I are in the midst of moving to our fantastic new apartment in Shelby Twp. We got the keys on Thursday last week, and we have till the end of March to finish up at the current apartment. I worked all weekend there, and I painted the living room a bright teal/turqouise color and the computer room is red. It's so glamorous.

I hate Novice moves, particularly the counter pattern right now. It's making slow progress, but I take two steps forward, and one step back, I'm frustrated. Plus the test is so long, my endurance is low and its really hard to make it through the nine different patterns on the test. I'll totally be ready for this by May.

There's a senior expo tomorrow, and my car is loaded up with St. Patrick's day bags filled with Arbor Inn swag. At least it will be a full day outside of the office tomorrow.
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